Its Google’s world, were just living in it

Colleen Harris Search

Colleen Harris Sincro 

In the digital world we’re all just at the mercy of Google. We can do all the work, follow all the best practices, and still be at the mercy of the “algorithm”and what update Google has coming next. The thing about data & Google is that good bad or ugly, she’s never going to lie to you. So you ask, why does someone do search? Despite all those headaches, the rush of knowing when your strategy pays off is worth it.

Successful digital strategy. I love the challenges Google can throw at a website, and figuring out the “why” behind what Google is doing. In the automotive industry, I’m passionate about getting more women involved in the conversation and bringing their voice to the table.

I’ve come to this role in digital marketing by way of a degree in religious studies and communications, passing through a check-stand at Safeway,  a couple of soap operas, and enough contract work to write a book. I’ve learned to embrace the “lean in” part of being a female in the workplace, and strive to have other people find that.

And I want to talk about that love.  At conferences, on twitter, on the Blog. There are amazing things going on in search, and this is my part in it.